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ISLS and TeenSpanish specialize in Spanish Camps for children, teens and families in Costa Rica. We are proud to be entering our third decade of providing students of all ages with educational and fun study abroad experiences. Each of our Spanish Camps is designed to combine age appropriate Spanish lessons with fun, adventurous, educational and culturally significant activities. There is something for everyone, from 2 years to 99 years!

Teen Spanish Spanish and Adventure Camps Costa RicaEach Summer we have dozens of families and hundreds of children and teens participate in our camps. We have camps and programs all over the country, so you can choose the right fit for you family or teenager. We have numerous start dates and all of our teen camps are set up so that a student can do multiple experiences. Space for summer 2015 is already limited in all of our camps and locations, so please contact us right away to see about availability.

We also have a Winter Break Family Camp the end of December and into early January. It is not too early to start planning for your Christmas and New Year’s family holiday. Come join us for the holidays and spend them on a warm, sunny tropical beach. Come see what a green Christmas looks like! All member of the family are welcome as we have Spanish daycare for the little ones, the children’s camp for those 5 to 12, surf and Spanish for the teenagers and Adult Spanish classes for the parents. Click here to find out more.

For summer 2015, we will be offering our full complement of Spanish Camps in Costa Rica:

Teen Spanish and Surf Camp
Teen Spanish and Surf Expedition
Teen Travel Camp
Teen Spanish and Volunteer
Teen Spanish and Adventure

It really is an exciting and diverse selection of camps. Our Spanish, Adventure and Travel Camp is a one week program that combines the best aspects of a Spanish immersion program with the excitement of travel through different parts of Costa Rica. Along with Spanish classes and adventure tours, it includes overnights on a rainforest covered island and visits to volcanos and hot springs. To find out more about this program and its itinerary, please visit our Travel & Adventure Spanish Camp.

Our Teen Spanish and Surf Camp, offered in Playa Tamarindo, Costa Rica, is still the only one of its type in Latin America. Our Teen Spanish and Volunteer Camp is located Turrialba, Costa Rica, and is a true immersion and service program. Our Teen Spanish and Adventure Camp in Costa Rica, combines immersion Spanish with exciting and adventurous activities just about every day of the week.

We also have our exclusive and exciting Teen Spanish and Surf Expedition. This is an old fashioned Surf Safari! We have a dedicated van and driver that will take us to a number of different amazing surf beaches in either the southern or northwestern Pacific zones of Costa Rica. Students are able to surf every day of the camp while still receiving 20 hours/week of Spanish classes over the course of the camp. Space is very limited and all start dates will book up completely.

Teen Spanish Spanish and Adventure Camps Costa RicaPlaya Tamarindo is an amazing place for a family vacation. It is beautiful and sunny location with a wonderful white sand beach that is perfect for swimming and surfing. This is the reason that it is the ideal location of our Family & Children's Spanish Camp. This camp is designed specifically for families interested in traveling to Costa Rica for a vacation. We combine age appropriate Spanish lessons with cultural activities, games and adventure tours. For children in Pre-K, we have Spanish Daycare. For teenagers, they can participate in the teen Spanish and surf or adventure camps as a Day Camper. Parents can take adult classes, or just relax and do their own things during the six hours each day that the children are with us. There is something for the whole family.

Combine Camps! All of our Teen Camps in Costa Rica are designed for students to be able to mix and match. Also, with our Weekly Blocks, students can attend a camp from one week up to all eight weeks or they can attend two or three of them. Our start dates are every Sunday for eight weeks during the middle of the summer starting June 21st

Find out More! Contact us directly to find out more about our Youth Spanish Camps. We are here to help you choose the best experience for each individual member of your family. Since we own and operate our camps, as well as the individual Spanish schools, you will be speaking directly to the people who will be the counselors during the summer. With over 22 years of experience and thousands of former students, we are your Costa Rica Youth Spanish Camp Specialists.

Adult Spanish Programs
Since we are first and foremost Spanish Immersion Institute in Costa Rica, we also offer Spanish Immersion programs year round and for all ages. We have adult Spanish programs in Costa Rica, other Latin American Countries and Spain. If you are a parent or older sibling, or just someone looking for a Spanish immersion program for adults, we have many program options for you. We have adult Spanish language programs in every one of our Teen Camp locations in Costa Rica so parents can take classes while their children are in the camp. We also have Spanish immersion centers in 8 other countries and 43 destinations.

For more information about our adult programs please visit or e-mail us directly.

Teen Spanish Spanish and Adventure Camps Costa Rica

Teen Spanish Spanish and Adventure Camps Costa Rica

ISLS Teen Spanish and Adventure Camps

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