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ISLS Teen Spanish and Volunteer Camp Playa Dominical Costa Rica

Playa Dominical, where year-round good surf and double overheads are the norm.

Surfing in the waters off Costa Rica's "Endless Summer" beaches is most definitely world class. Both coasts offer the international surfer an abundance of different types of conditions from one of the longest left-hand breaks in the world at Pavones to the quadruple overheads of Salsa Brava. The only problem with these and other incredible surfing spots is the fact that they are seasonal, only going off a couple of months a year. This however is not a problem at Playa Dominical, where year-round good surf and double overheads are the norm.

"Discovered' in the early seventies by a group of intrepid and dedicated surfers, Dominical has steadily gained in popularity over the last 30 plus years. The town has become a haven for surfers with local restaurants offering 'Starving Surfer' food specials and nonstop surf videos. This relaxed and laid back atmosphere combines with inexpensive accommodations and great surf to draw thousands of surfers a year like a giant magnet.

ISLS Teen Spanish Surf Camp - Playa Dominical SurfingThe unusual conditions of the beach are what give its surf size and dependability. The wave is a beach break with a twist, that twist being the mouth of the Rio Baru to the north. The river empties out of the mountains to the east and deposits sediments that form into a sandbar that spreads like a pair of lazy rabbit ears north and south of the mouth. As the swell approaches the beach and forms into a wave, it's wave to depth ratio is the universal 2 to 3. Meaning the size of the wave is directly proportional to the amount of water it is in. The reason this is important is that once this wave meets the sandbar it peals down the length of the bar creating a beautiful left hand break. The best time to surf is from an hour before high tide to an hour after when the sandbar is furthest out and has the greatest effect on the waves break.

Dominical is the perfect home base for surfers that want to make the most of their time in Costa Rica. It has year-round good surf plus, a central location on the Pacific which allows them to get to other surf spots with relative ease when they are going off. With the weather conditions of area and the relatively small size of the country, it is truly possible for surfers to have an endless summer.

The Dominical Surf School, owned and operated by local Costa Rican surf professionals has a great deal of experience instructing first time surfers as well as those that just need a tune up. Boards are supplied so you do not need to bring your own, unless you have your own and are an experienced surfer. All instructors are trained as lifeguards and are surfers themselves with many years of experience.

Surf Camp Lessons
Students will surf four afternoons a week on the Surf Camp, Monday through Thursday. There is also the possibility of surfing on non-travel Friday afternoons as well. Surf boards are supplied to every student during the afternoon surf lessons. We have professional surf instructors who will be with us every afternoon giving students lessens, no mater what their level of ability is. If you are a beginner surfer, you will start from the top. If you are a more advanced surfer, you will receive instruction that will help you get even better.

Each week there will be a short orientation at the beach to give students an understanding of the beach, the waves, the currents and all safety instructions. We will be surfing two afternoons a week on the Playa Dominical beach in front of town. The other two afternoons will be switched between Playa Ventanas, Playa Hermosa and Dominicalito. The decision on where and when we surf has everything to do with the tide schedule as well as the size of the current swell. We will never surf in an environment that is too dangerous for our students and their surfing ability. If conditions on a given day are not conducive to our lessons, we will make every attempt to reschedule them for that Friday. Safety is our number one propriety.

We utilize the services of the Dominical Surf School. Ronnie Abondo is the number one instructor and one of the best surfers in Costa Rica. He is also a certified lifeguard as are all other instructors. Boards will be supplied to students depending on their level of ability. It will be possible to try different size and style of boards while on the camp.

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