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ISLS Teen Spanish and Adventure Camps Playa Tamarindo Costa Rica

Soccer Match against local Costa Rican Children
Our kids will be transported from Tamarindo to the nearby Costa Rican village of Villareal by private transport. Once there we will be met by local Costa Rican children at the town’s soccer field. After introductions, we will split up into teams. The teams will be mixed up, locals and students, boys and girls. After the game we will go to a nearby restaurant where we will all have lunch together. This is a great cultural exchange and time to get to know more about Costa Rican life.

Arts and Crafts
Costa Rica has many different types of local arts and crafts. In the Playa Tamarindo area there are a number of artisans who practice these traditional techniques. Throughout the five weeks of the children’s camp we will visit these artisans, who will teach us their skills. Some of these will be:  Mask Making, Kite Making, Bracelet Weaving, Tico Wallet Making, Homemade Canvas Painting, Shirt Stenciling, Paper Making and Painting.

Pottery Lessons
We are lucky to have the renowned pottery artist Arbin Espinosa Guevara in Playa Tamarindo. He is considered to be the foremost practitioner or the Guaitil Pre-Columbian style. This is a type of pottery making that goes back to the ancient indigenous tribes that inhabited the area of Guanacaste before Columbus discovered the new world. Every student will be able to create their own works of art to take home with them.

Cultural Exchange
Each week we will meet up with local children from the communities of Villareal and Santa Rosa. These are the nearby towns were most local Costa Rican live. We will play games with them, each lunch and some weeks visit their local schools. It is a wonderful opportunity to practice Spanish and get to know the local culture.

ISLS Teen Spanish and Adventure Camps

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