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ISLS Teen Spanish and Adventure Camps - Playa Tamarindo Costa Rica

Playa Tamarindo, Costa Rica is located on the northwestern Pacific coast. It is the perfect place for a family to combine a Spanish language program with a vacation. This also makes it the perfect place for our Children’s Spanish, Art and Sports Camp.

Children's Spanish, Art and Sports Camp – This is the only children’s Spanish camp of its kind in Latin America. Each day, Monday through Friday in July, we combine two hours of fun and interactive, age appropriate Spanish language classes with lunch, games at the beach, soccer games with local children and a number of adventure activities. The six hours that the students are in the program  from 8am to 2pm are designed to expose children to the Spanish language and the culture of Costa Rica. Our goal is to have the kids learn Spanish while having fun on the beach in Costa Rica. The camp is available to children ages 6 to 12.

ISLS Teen Spanish and Adventure Camps Playa Tamarindo Costa RicaPlaya Tamarindo is also great for adults of all ages who want to have fun in the tropical sun. There are numerous resorts and housing options, copious adventure activities, incredible swimming beaches and first class restaurants. A great deal of money continues to be put into the areas developed infrastructure. There are banks, ATM’s, modern supermarkets, internet cafes and medical facilities. Parents can choose to relax each day while their children are in the camp, or they can choose to take the adult classes and improve their Spanish. Either way the children will be doing fun and educations activities all day.

More information about Playa Tamarindo!
Playa Tamarindo is a small but bustling beach community in the northwest Pacific coast of Costa Rica. Located in the tropical dry forest, Tamarindo has some of the countries best year round weather. It offers first class deep sea fishing, sailing, surfing, golf, tours, turtle watching, diving, horseback riding, canopy tours, boat rides and much more.

It is a multi-cultural community that attracts visitors from around the world. There are markets, bakeries, an outdoors vegetable market and more than 40 restaurants as well as a number of banks and ATM machines and numerous internet cafes. The cuisine is as diverse as the many different restaurants, from vegetarian and typical Costa Rican to Italian and sea food. There is a wide range of accommodation for every budget, from low cost hostels all the way to luxurious beach-front resorts.

In Tamarindo the sun shines most days, and the temperature is in the high 80’s to mid 90’s so is warm year round. During the rainy season, from May through October, it is normal for it to rain in the afternoon, which helps cool down the temperature. At the end of the day the sunsets are breathtaking kaleidoscopes of stunning colors.

The beach is a three and a half kilometer stretch of white sand and warm blue water. Tamarindo is surrounded by national parks to its north and south, and mountains to its east. Nature is abundant in and around the town. Leatherback Turtles lay their eggs in the northern part of the bay while Howler Monkeys are heard and seen swinging on branches throughout Tamarindo. In some restaurants giant Iguanas will come up to your table expecting table scraps. In the late afternoons you can hear the parakeets screeching in the trees, preparing to settle down for the night.

All of this makes Tamarindo a very fun and enjoyable place to visit. It has also made it the most popular beach destination on the northwest Pacific coast of Costa Rica.

ISLS Teen Spanish and Adventure Camps

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