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ISLS Teen Spanish and Adventure Camps - Program Prices

Teen Camp Prices
Below are the residential prices for the 2016 ISLS Summer Teen Spanish Camps; i.e., teens traveling without adult accompaniment.

$1,395/week - Teen Spanish and Volunteer Camp (13-17 yrs)
$1,695/week - Teen Spanish and Surf Camp (13-17 yrs)
$1,695/week - Teen Spanish and Adventure Camp (13-17 yrs)
$1,695/week - Teen Adventure & Travel Camp (13-17 yrs)
$3,095/2 weeks or $1695/1 week) - Teen Spanish & Surf Expedition (13-17 yrs)

Children's Camp Prices
Below are the prices for the 2016 ISLS Summer Children’s Spanish Camps. These are day camp prices, lodging is separate.

$180/week - Pre – K, 2 hours/day (2 to 4 yrs)
$250/week - Pre – K, 4 hours/day (2 to 4 yrs)
$325/week - Pre – K, 6 hours/day (2 to 4 yrs)
$525/week - Elementary School (5 to 10 yrs)
$625/week - Middle School (11 to 13 yrs)

Day Camp Prices
Below are the day camp prices for the 2016 ISLS Summer Spanish Camps in Costa Rica. These are day camp prices for teenagers and adults; lodging is separate. For more details and restrictions, see below in camp descriptions.

$550/week - Teen Travel Camp (13 to 17 yrs)
$750/week - Teen Volunteer and Spanish Camp (13 to 17 yrs)
$875/week - Teen Surf and Spanish Camp (13 to 17 yrs)
$875/week, $1695/2 weeks - Teen Spanish and Surf Expedition (13 to 17 yrs)
$875/week - Teen Adventure and Spanish Camp (13 to 17 yrs)
$360/week - Adult 4 hour/day Group Spanish Program (18+ yrs)
$500/week - Adult 4 hour/day Private Spanish Program (18+ yrs)
$600/week - Adult 4 hour/day Group Spanish and Surf Program (18+ yrs)

Start Dates!
For summer 2016 ISLS will have five Teen Spanish Camps in Costa Rica along with one Children’s Spanish Camp. The start dates are listed below. Teen students can attend one camp or multiple camps (X – denotes a start date, O – denotes the second week of a two week camp; it is not a start date.) The two weeks camp is the Surf Expedition in Playa Dominical.

Teen Spanish & Surf Expedition
Teen Adventure & Spanish Camp ••
Teen Surf & Spanish Camp ••
Teen Volunteer & Spanish Camp •••
Teen Adventure/Travel Camp ••••
Children's Spanish Camp •••••
Spanish & Surf Expedition – First two weeks at Playa Dominical, last week at Playa Tamarindo
•• Adventure, Surf & Spanish location – Playa Tamarindo
••• Camp Locations - Turrialba
•••• Teen Travel Camp – Playa Tamarindo and various other locations. (Only a one week camp)
••••• The Children's camps will start the Mondays following the dates above

ISLS Teen Spanish and Adventure Camps - Program PricesDiscounts
Early Sign up Discount: Sign up before January 1st, 2016 to receive this discount. Children's Camp and Teen Day Camp students will receive $50/week off and Teen Residential Camps students $100.

Teen Long Term Discount: Free Airline Ticket if you sign up to attend four or more weeks of our Teen Residential Camps. Teen day campers are not eligible for this discount, nor are Children’s Camp participants. For those eligible teenage students, we will purchase their round trip airline ticket from the continental United States. This offer is not available for students outside the US or from Hawaii and Alaska. This discount CANNOT be combined with any other offer and students must sign up directly through ISLS.

Children's Long Term Discount: $25/week off the Children's Camp Price when the student attends for three or more weeks.

Sibling Discount: If two or more siblings sign up to attend our camps at the same time, they will each receive $50/week off their Teen Spanish camp (residential or day camp) and $25/week off the Children's Spanish Camp. Adult students are not eligible for this discount.

The Early Sign up Discount and the Teen Long Term Discount cannot be combined with any other discount offer. Please contact us for more details and restrictions. These offers are subject to availability.

Please contact us for more details and restrictions. These offers are subject to availability.

Cancellation Policy
The Teen Camp Residential Prices are for individual teenagers traveling on their own or with a friend, but without adult supervision. These students participate in every aspect of the camp including: all transportation, lodging, 3 meals/day, weekend tours, 24 hr supervision, medical and travel insurance.

The Teen Day Camp Prices are for teenagers who are traveling with their parents and will only be participating in the camps from 8am to 5pm, Monday through Friday. They will receive the 4 hours of Spanish classes each day, lunch and all afternoon and evening activities that are including in the camp. They will not receive lodging, breakfast, dinner, weekend tours, 24 hour supervision or airport pick up and drop off services. Evening activities from 5pm to 9pm, including dinner can be added for an additional cost of $100/wk. Day campers can join the weekend tours for an additional fee of $350.

The Children’s Camp is split into three separate groups by age of the student: Pre – K is 4 and under, Elementary is 5 to 10 and Middle School is 11 to 13. For the Pre-K group we have the option of doing 2, 4 or 6 hours of Spanish Daycare. This means that the children are in a supervised Spanish learning environment, playing games, singing songs and being spoken to only in Spanish. However it is important to understand that it is not a structured class. A daily snack break is included, but only the 6 hour students will also receive lunch each day.

The Elementary School Group will be split into two age groups for the Spanish classes; 5 to 7 and 8 to 10. This is to provide age and developmentally appropriate Spanish lessons and curriculum. Students in these groups will be given evaluations and further separated by level of Spanish ability.

For the Middle School Group, students will attend 16 hours of structured Spanish classes. They will be in class 4 hours/day on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The other days they will have 2 hours of class and participate in the tours and cultural activities with the rest of the camp.

Adults, those students 18 and older can participate in our Group Spanish Lessons, four hours/day, or they can choose to do private lessons. We offer private lessons at $22/hour and you must sign up for a minimum of 5 hours/week. All private lessons are in the afternoon starting at 1pm.

For the Teen Camps students will need very minimal spending money as all essentials are covered. There is a $29/person airport exit tax that is not included in any camp price. This should be factored into the spending money for each student.

To sign up for one of our 2016 Youth Summer Spanish Camps, we need to receive a completed Registration form and a deposit of half the program amount. Reservation will not be made until the deposit has been received. The deposit can be paid by personal check, credit card, cashier’s check, PayPal or wire transfer. The camps fill up completely. The balance of payment must be received no later than eight weeks prior to the start of the session chosen.

The airline ticket to Costa Rica is not included in any camp price. The only exception to this is Teen Long Term Discount. ISLS is willing and able to help make airline arrangements for any student or family member traveling to Costa Rica, but the cost of the ticket is paid by the parent at the time of the booking. ISLS will look for the best priced ticket that goes to the correct airport in Costa Rica and also meets the necessary start and finish dates of the particular camp or camps. Most airlines require that students 14 years of age and younger, who are traveling by themselves participate in the unaccompanied minor program. This is an additional service and the charge can be between $75 and $125 each way. This price is also not a part of any camp price, including the Free Airline Ticket Discount and is paid by the parent. Students 15 years and older are generally not considered minors and thus, the unaccompanied minor program is not mandatory, but may be elected.

If ISLS is not purchasing the airline ticket, then the parent must correspond with ISLS to make sure that the arrival and departure dates and times meet the particular student’s needs. Parents must send a copy of the ticket and itinerary to ISLS along with the unaccompanied minor registration form and invoice if necessary. We will need this in order to pick up the students when he or she arrives.

ISLS Teen Spanish and Adventure Camps Costa Rica

ISLS Teen Spanish and Adventure Camps

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