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ISLS Teen Spanish and Adventure Camps - Reservation Form

Below is the registration form for the ISLS Youth Spanish Camps. Please fill it out as completely as possible, then return it to us by hitting the submit button. Please check the program information for the price for the camp of your choice.

There is a 50% deposit due with this registration form and the balance is due no later than eight weeks prior to the start of the program. Your slot in the program will NOT be secured until the deposit is received by ISLS. Once the deposit is received and your slot is secured, you will be sent a confirmation.

You can pay both the deposit as well as the balance by credit card or personal check. We accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express. Checks need to be made out to ISLS, the Institute for Spanish Language Studies, and mailed to: ISLS, 220 Orange Grove Ave., South Pasadena, CA 91030.

If you have any questions about this form or anything else regarding the program, please feel free to contact us anytime at (866) 391-0394. We very much look forward to hearing back from you. Thank you.

Student Name
Date & Place of Birth
Passport Number
Mailing Address (Street Number, City, State, Zip)
Telephone Numbers
Parent's E-mail Address
Grade Level (entering)
Emergency Contact Name
Home Phone #:
Work Phone #:
Mobile/Cellular Phone #:
How did you find out about the ISLS Youth Program?
Why do you want to learn Spanish?
Level of Spanish
Where did you study Spanish before:
How long?
What languages do you speak?
Traveling alone or with other students?
How Many?
What are their names?
Is there a specific person you would like to lodge with?

Camp(s) Chosen
Starting Date
Number of Weeks
Do you have any specific health needs?
Are there any special lodging requirements?
What airport will you be departing from?

Camp Price

Additional Private Spanish Lessons
($20 /hour)

Number of Hours
Additional Surf Lessons
Number of Hours
(Min. 2 hrs. - Max. 6 hrs. - $35/hour)
Deposit (50%)
Balance Due
How will you make your deposit?
Type of card
Name that appears on the credit card
Credit Card Number
Expiration Date

Paying Deposit by Check or Money Order
Make check payable to ISLS and mail to
220 Orange Grove Ave.
South Pasadena, CA 91030

Cancellation Policy
There is a nonrefundable $200 registration fee. ISLS will refund 50% of the balance of the deposit up to 8 weeks prior to the start of the program. Once we receive full payment for the program, we will refund 50% of the total amount minus the registration fee until the start of the program. Once the program has begun there is NO refund of the program price. Cancellation of the program must be in writing, either by e-mail or letter. By filling out this registration form and sending it in to ISLS you are declaring that you have read and agree to this statement as written and intended.

Parental Agreement & Medical Waiver
All parents must sign the parental agreement, assumption of risks and indemnity and medical waiver forms or their student cannot attend this program. These agreements will be sent to you upon receipt of this registration form. The agreements will stipulate the rules and regulations for this program as well as a code of conduct that the student must adhere to. The medical waiver form will allow us, in the event of a medical emergency, to have your son or daughter receive treatment at a local hospital or clinic. The parental agreement form states that students caught breaking the rules, such as drinking alcohol or doing or being in possession of illegal drugs, will forfeit the remainder of their program and will be sent home with no refund of the program price. In addition, all students must have a valid passport and a letter from BOTH of their parents or guardians stating that they have been given permission to travel to Costa Rica for this program. This letter must be notarized in order to be official. Students arriving without this document may be sent back by the Costa Rican customs and immigration service, with no refund of the program price.

Flight & Airport Information
Airline tickets are NOT included in the price of our youth camps. We do on occasion do special offers that may include airfare. If this is the case for your student, please contact us for more specific rules and regulations. For all other students, we will be happy to make the flight arrangements, but it will be an additional cost. The cost of the ticket will be at the best price that we can find and we will attempt to put our students on the same flights whenever possible. If the parent purchases the tickets, then we need to be sent all the information about the flight arrivals and departures. If students are arriving or departing on different dates than those specified for their specific camp, then ISLS must be notified as to how the student will join the us at the beginning or leave us at the end. If there is any additional cost associated with these special arrangements, the parents will pay this amount. Students attending any of our five teen Spanish camps will need to make sure to check with us about the specific airport or airports that you will need to use. Some students will need to fly into one of the international airport and then out of the other, depending up camps. There are specific arrival times for each camp as well, so check with one of our representatives before you purchase the airline ticket. Any questions about these arrival and departure provisions should be directed to ISLS ASAP.

Additionally, if the student is 14 years of age or younger at the time of his or her program and is not traveling with an adult, they will most likely need to sign up for the unaccompanied minor program. Most airlines charge between $75 and $125 each way for this service. This price is NOT included in the price of the program and is paid by the parent. If ISLS is purchasing the airline ticket, the parents of the student will be advised of this additional cost and will have to pay that as well. If ISLS is not purchasing the airline ticket, then the parent must fax a copy of the unaccompanied minor registration form and invoice. We will need this in Costa Rica in order to pick up the student when he or she arrives. We will also send out pick up information with the person who will be waiting at the airport. Students 15 and older are not considered minors and do not need this program, though you can choose it if you like.

Payment of Balance to ISLS
ISLS must receive full payment of the balance of the program cost eight weeks before the start date of your Teen Spanish camp. This can be paid by either personal check or credit card. If the balance of payment is not received on the date eight weeks prior to the start of their program the student’s program will be cancelled and the deposit will be forfeit. Upon receipt of the balance of payment, ISLS will issue a finalized confirmation packet and invoice. This will include all information about the program, itinerary, any changes, airline ticket (if ISLS is purchasing) and information about Costa Rica and what the student needs to bring. If after having received this confirmation packet, you have any other questions or concerns, please contact us immediately.

ISLS Teen Spanish and Adventure Camps

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