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ISLS Teen Spanish and Volunteer Camp Turrialba Costa Rica

Students on the Teen Spanish and Volunteer camp will be housed with specially chosen local Costa Rican families near our Spanish institute in Turrialba. This is a great way to be immersed in the language and culture of the country. Students will be able to practice what they are learning in class with their new families. Both breakfast and dinner are at the house and are great opportunities to connect and share.

All families involved with housing our teen students are chosen from the pool of families that work with us year round housing our adult Spanish students. They are in all cases families that have been with us longer than five years. They have nothing but exemplary reviews from former students and have passed every yearly inspection. They are also those that are willing to take on the added responsibility that comes with hosting a minor.

All of our families are middle to upper middle class and many are professionals. The vast majority of host mothers are stay at home and most have school aged children. Students have private rooms and shared a bath. We can lodge more than one student per family as well.

Turrialba is a typical Costa Rican town and very safe. Even so, students will not be allowed to wonder around the city on their own. When not with the camp counselors doing organized activities, the host mothers are responsible for ensuring their student’s safety. They will make sure that the students are never alone outside the house and in many cases the families will accompany them on outings.

The host family experience is for many students the most memorable aspect of their time in our volunteer camp. A good portion of former students keep in contact with them and some have returned with their own families to have them meet. Costa Ricans have a reputation of being warm and welcoming people. Our host families are no exception. They treat each of our students as a member of their family.

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