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ISLS Teen Spanish and Volunteer Camp Turrialba Costa Rica

On the Teen Spanish and Volunteer Camp students will spend time in the afternoons helping out in the Turrialba community. Public service as well as language and cultural immersion are the themes of this camp. Three afternoons a week we will visit a small orphanage just outside of town. The other afternoon we will help out at the local senior home.

The Asociacion Hogar Infantil de Turrialba is a home for children ages 2 to 14. At any given time there are no more than 15 children living at the facility. It is a small, well run and clean residence. Our students spend half their time interacting with the children by playing games and reading books in Spanish. The other part of their time is spent on the chosen service project. Each summer we attempt to do one major improvement to the facility. We want our students to feel their time in the program will have a lasting benefit for the children.

The San Buenaventura senior home sits in the hills above Turrialba. The Ministry of Health runs this facility which houses over 100 elderly Costa Ricans that for one reason or another cannot live with their families. They come from all over the country and so many of them do not have visitors other than on the main holidays. Our mission is to bring a little joy and companionship into their lives. Our students play games with them, read stories and do crafts.

The camp is designed to give our students an experience outside their comfort zone, while in a safe and enriching environment. Together we help improve the lives of those we serve.

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